The JJ Metta Memorial Foundation


The JJ Metta Foundation finally came to fruition in 2006 after a long period of thoughtful planning. We are always looking for more donors and opportunities to expand. We are currently supporting the orphaned and underprivileged children of Sphoorti Childrens Home.

Obviously, the more funding we receive, the more assistance we can provide. We hope to construct a school by the end of 2015 - to accommodate all the children under one roof - currently they are sent to schools spread over the area.

Our future ideological goals are simple: assist as many children in need as possible, and hope our work produces a positive ripple effect in the surrounding community and even the larger world.

The Brick By Brick Project

In 2007, the foundation established a partnership with an orphanage in Hyderabad that shelters over 150 destitute children and prepares them for a good life. They are sheltered, fed, given medical care, educated, and trained for professions in such fields as computers.

This is a daunting task. So MANY children are under-nourished and homeless.

Providing quality education to these children who come from illiterate household backgrounds has been a great challenge. We need to establish a first-class school for these destitute children and, considering the number of children, such a school project will be massive. Orphans, wherever they are, will be identified and admitted to enjoy the fruits of a good education and sustained medical attention so that they grow into healthy citizens.

This will be a school supported by the JJ Metta Memorial Foundation. It will accommodate under one roof all the children presently housed in different buildings, and it will provide an education of international standards while taking care of their personal needs. Right now, we are forced to transport the children to schools in and around Hyderabad, and to send them to schools that, in many ways, are inadequate. We need to bring the orphanage’s facilities and the children they serve under one centralized complex with boys and girls housed in different wings, a proper kitchen and dining hall, and with a school and health facilities on site.

$15 buys one door for our new facility.

$100 dollars buys 1,600 bricks – enough to build four walls.

Every brick helps build a better future for these children. Ensuring a bright future for the children in turn ensures a better future for us all!

The Dignity Project

A major focus of the JJMM Foundation is the female child – many who live on the streets…many who have been abandoned by their families... and the foundation intends to help these girls lead a decent life. Many now attend schools that lack proper washrooms. Over 60 per cent of the school-going children in and around Hyderabad have no choice but to relieve themselves in public – a situation especially dangerous for girls, especially those on the threshold of puberty.

In particular these girls – who present a special concern for the foundation – need sufficient privacy and they need to feel safe. The JJMM Foundation plans to adopt some of these schools and build them decent washrooms….both for hygiene and because it would motivate these girls to attend school regularly. It is a question of human rights and individual dignity.

$1,000 buys a minimal washroom.

Ensuring a bright future for the children in turn ensures a better future for us all!